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Thursday, July 17, 2008


My good friend who is temporarily clippled has updated her blog.

So she's writing about commitmentphobia when it comes to blogging.

I have that as well. In fact, I'm pretty much an all around commitment-phobe. It kinda sucks. Especially since I'm committed to things in so many areas of my life, now that I'm grownup, or whatever. I am constantly being pulled in two directions between responsibility and decadence.

Anyway, I'm backish. Thanks for inspiration, Magic Baby Hands. (That is my friend's nickname, so given because her hands are freakishly small, yet enormously talented.)

I'm not gong to say this foray back into the Land of Cheese is permanent. It may not even be of any measurable length.

You know what they say. If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it'll probably crap on your head.

I mean, if it comes back, then it was meant to be.

All kidding aside, I love that little nugget of wisdom and find it very comforting. It absolves one of responsibility and I like that above all things.

Noodle and Carlos M are doing great! They got a cat dancer toy yesterday. Freaking Carlos was SCARED of it.

Man, he's a pussy.

Me, MBH and MMBH (mini magic baby hands) have this super fun Thursday night tradition. It involves me going over to their house, all of us cursing at each other and making crude hand gestures for awhile, then watching the CBS Summer hit show "Swingtown" (featuring "Frequency: A Mural") and eating some delicious snack. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!

That said, tonight (it's Thursday) it ain't happening due to a commitment on the part of MMBH. Oh well.

It's been five months of (mostly) not smoking! I am also eating nice, healthy foods in reasonable portions, doing lots of yoga and going to the gym.

Yesterday, I stepped on the scale and learned that I had gained SEVEN pounds.

GOD DAMMIT. WHAT THE HELL?? It doesn't seem fair. SEVEN pounds is not a small amount. That is one and a half pounds more than Noodle weighs all together. I have gained one and one quarter Noodles!!! Shit.

I HAVE A PLAN. Stay tuned.

xoxoxoxo fresh, fat hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo


Blogger laura said...

Darling, haven't you heard? Muscle weighs more than fat!! It's the new biceps and such, weighing you up.

You look faboooolus.

xo, MBH

(oops. i'm not MMBH, i'm just on her computer!!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008  
Blogger terry said...

i was just about to say the same thing MMBH said!

and second her other comment -- you DO look fabulous. bitch.

Friday, July 18, 2008  
Blogger terry said...

i mean, MBH.

so confused...

Friday, July 18, 2008  

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