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Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Learn Something New Sometimes

Yesterday was one of those days. That I learned something new, that is.

And it is something REALLY NEAT AND FUN!

There is a creek (a "crick" for all y'all Or-uh-Goan-e-uhns) running through the backyard of the house I grew up in, which remains the home of Dick and Sally. It is pretty neato because there are all kinds of birds that make their homes there hatching out BABY BIRDS and teaching them to swim and stuff. Is there anything cuter than a baby duck? I think not. However, there is one little water creature that comes close. That would be - the Baby River Otter:

GAW he is cute. Well, there's been a run of baby river otters here in the Bay Area, and of course accompanying news footage of them gamboling about in wading pools and scampering around yards and whatnot.

WELL I was talking to my dad yesterday and gushing on about these little snorgables and he says - "oh yeah, we had a pair of river otters in the creek down there about five years ago." Like it WAS NOTHING!

My first reaction was - why the hell didn't you go catch one of the babies and throw it the tub. I mean REALLY Dick.

I can't believe I was potentially so close to fulfilling one of my animal dreams (playing with a baby otter). Oh well. I GUESS I'll get over it.

But when dolphins come to the creek - I want to be notified immediately.

xoxox little whiskery otter baby kisses xoxoxo


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