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Friday, January 18, 2008


I know it's been a long time. You'd think I could update this little Chronicle on an hourly basis, what with all the time I have on my hands. But no. I have other important things to do, such as eat mass quantities of chips with artichoke jalapeno dip and help Noodle blow her nubbin.

Also, I now have a SWASH. Can you believe it? Talk about luxury. So I spend a lot of time admiring its capabilities, time I would otherwise be writing on this blog.

Last weekend I took a couple of days off and went to Tahoe with a large group of congenial peeps to celebrate one of said peep's birthdays. We played a hilarious game and snacked like bitches. We also spent a day engaged in various snow related sporting activities. For my part, I skied. I got to use my newish skis for the first time. They are AWESOME. They practically have jet packs attached to them.

Mr. Carlos Muffin's star quality has once again thrust him into the limelight. The owner of my favorite website of all time sent me a little note asking whether he'd like to be featured on the 2009 Cute Overload calendar. Hell YES! It is a page a day calendar so it's not like Carlos gets a whole month to himself or anything. Still. Spreading the cuteness. Hooray Carlos!

More updates to come!

xoxo love and kisses xoxo

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hooray for Snuggles

It is official. This is the Winter of Snuggles.

I have chosen this theme because for the last week that's all I have done. Me and the kitties just had four days off work to do nothing but read books (me) and get petted (them). It was pretty nice.

Of course, I took a break on New Year's Eve to see in 2008 in the expected fashion. But other than that it was pizza and comforters and special chocolate bars from my upstairs neighbor, who brought them back for me from Las Vegas. YUM.

Now I'm back at work and am feeling bereft. Also, I'm gearing up for my return to the gym for FITNESS. ha ha ha ha ha. yeah. We'll see how that goes.

I LOVE teeny tiny items. Exhibit A: The mini house with its many mini appliances. See also Noodle the mini cat.

But last night I saw something so tiny, so ... MICROSCOPIC ... my mind was and remains blown.

It was a yorkshire terrier. A little dog. It was a grownup dog, yet weighed just a pound and a half. Noodle could have crushed him. He was wearing two sweaters, both made out of SOCKS.

I know. I know. I have a sickness. But he was SO CUTE. His name: Mousie. gah. He was the pet of a woman who was a co-attender at a special birthday party for one of my favorite people.

MOUSIE! He was kind of a licker though. Which I hate. Still. He is forgiven because his tongue wasn't very big.

Something nice happened this morning. I love it when that happens.

xoxoxo tiny kisses but no licking xoxoxo