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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Janis + Betty = CHEESE!!

Cindy and I had SO MUCH FUN during her visit this weekend.

We went on the Ghost Tour, we had fish and chips, we tied one on, we got our brows done and our lashes tinted, we walked around, we watched a movie and we ate TONS of snacks.

She says, as a hostess, I'm a combination of Betty Crocker and Janis Joplin. I'll take that as a compliment.

Carlos M and Noodle had fun too! We all acted like big dorks the entire time. Plus, as a bonus, we got to see one of our old college pals!

We didn't see any ghosts on the ghost tour. But I think one of the ghosts manifested itself as a strong smell of cat piss. Because the hotel we got to tour REEKED of it.

xoxoxo scary shivery hugs and kisses! xoxoxo

Monday, March 19, 2007

teeny tiny toon town

That's what this little city is.

I went over to the SFSPCA on Saturday, to learn how my mad animal skilz could be put to use in the service of little puppies and kitties there.

Every few weeks, the SFSPCA has a little orientation meeting for would be volunteers. At that meeting, they played this D-V-D showing prospective helpers the history of the organization plus all the good things they do.

And of course, it's all smooshy and shows lots of cuddling, etc.

Much to my surprise ... as the D-V-D fades to black ... the very last photo they show of a cute little animal and its loving companion depicts GUESS WHO!!


Yours Truly - and - PEANUT!!!

I think it was a picture taken at the Bark and Whine Ball a couple of years ago. Personally, I'd never seen it and didn't know it existed. When it flashed on the screen my first thought was " ... oh, look! that dog looks just like Pean ... HEY!!! that IS Peanut!!! and ME TOO!!!!

It was kind of trippy.

Moving along. Well that was quite a big day ... after the meeting I went over to Dean's and then he and I met Loli and Mari in Oakland to attend Barack Obama's speech at City Hall. It was pretty neat! There were TONS of peeps there. After, we all went to Chinatown and had a yummy dinner.

Yesterday I tried to spring clean but was overcome by laziness. However, I managed to chuck everything out of my refrigerator before I gave in to the sleepies so I am going to have to go shopping today after work in order to re-stock.

I have an excellent excuse for filling it up with treats! Cindy P is coming to visit me this weekend. Hooray! we have tons of plans that will certainly fall by the wayside in our zeal to have as much fun as possible while exerting almost no effort.

So of course, in order to save ourselves from having to go to the corner store or getting off our asses in order to answer the door to the Pizza man, I have to get various BEERS and PIZZAS and snacks and stuff.

I do think we will make a trek to the museum in the park ... what's it called ... duh ... um ... the DeYoung museum (thanks Tom) ... there's a Vivienne Westwood exhibit there ... i want to see that and Cindy likes art n' stuff ... so ... yeah.

Also, we'll probably go out and get hammered ... you know, relive our youth - good times.

However, I want to create a space full of love and joy for us to spend much time - and I believe having massive beers available is part of that.

hope all y'all's weeks are super dooper cool!!

xoxoxo hugs and kisses! x0x0x0x0

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Monday!

Woo hoo! another work week is upon us. Hooray!

Just kidding.

This weekend was so nice.

On Saturday I didn't do anything but hang out with the kitties. I did go outside ... once ... for an ice cream cone. But I made up for it on Sunday by driving out to the lovely enclave of Tracy with Lolita to visit with Tihanna and her cute sweet kids! She is another mother of twins! She and Anna are on top of this giant twin trend. It's pretty cool. Her twins are both boys but they are NOT identical. However, they are unbelievably adorable in their own individual ways. Tihanna also has a six year old daughter who is a big help. T's cousin and her little daughter were there as well so we had a big giant pizza and mimosa picnic in Tihanna's backyard.

It was super hot and sunny and I even got a sunburn. Rock!

So I missed the big cat show starring the mom and dad and other relatives of Carlos Muffin in Hayward this weekend. I suck.

This IS a Joyful Monday actually! Today is Dick and Sally's 47th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary!!

Wow!! It's pretty neat.

xoxoxo kisses and love xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

HUGE plans!

Today is a really neat day!

After work, I'm going to go straight home because I have a giant date.

My dirty clothes and I are going to the laundromat where I will treat them all to a swirly, warm, bubbly bath and a session in the tumbling sauna.

After, I will pack them all up again, bring them home and fling them all onto my living room floor, where they will wait while I nap. When I wake up, I'll fold them all nice and happy while watching A-N-T-M.

Then LOST is on! and I have a bag of tater tots.

Does life get any better than this?

I think not.

Yesterday Anna and I took the teacups to the Mall. We had french fries and candy. It ROCKED!

xoxoxo my little pony hugs xoxoxo

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lazy Sunday ...

Carlos M. loves to watch TV.