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Friday, August 31, 2007

Thanks Bob

So I'm still kind of reeling from the news about Peanut. Wah! god. It sucks.

But yesterday my kind friend Tex brought her little dog friend Baba (a.k.a BOB) over for a visit.

He's a little cutie pie! He's very attached to Tex but last night - sensing something amiss, perhaps - he spent almost the whole time curled up right by my side. All cuddly and Peanut like.

It was really really nice.

He was SCARED of Carlos. Poor Mr. Muffin tried to make friends and even tried to gently pet him. Bob wasn't having it. I can hardly blame him. Carlos is LARGE. And Bob is kind of small for a dog.

Meantime, Noodle chilled under my desk. It was all good.

I'm getting ready for another spectacular night-sky show tonight! There's a chance this rare meteor shower will be visible above my house at 4:30 this morning. So I am going to get up and watch it. From the roof. YAY!!!!

That should be fun.

xoxoxo cuddles and stars xoxoxo

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

As it turns out ...

It IS kind of the end of the world.

At least, that's how I'm feeling right now.

My best doggy friend in the world ... the much loved Peanut ... has died.

She was really really sick and now she's out of pain. So I'm glad.

Many of you reading this knew Peanut as well and loved her too.

Peanut belonged to my friend/boss/co-worker Dory and her family. She was the luckiest dog in the world to live with them. Over the past few years, I got to spend a lot of time with the Nut when they went on vacations. One time Cindy and I got to take care of her for ten weeks in a row!! Another time she came on a road trip with me to Oregon. She was the very best travel partner in the whole world. Such a good listener and a good sport. Always so friendly and understanding. And boy. She LOVED to snuggle! The best thing she did was put her snorty little nose in the inside of my elbow and squish it around like she was trying to get comfy and then heave a BIG sigh when she finally reached the cuddle pinnacle. She loved to be held and hugged and petted. There are so many cute things she did that it would take me years to write them all down. And I can't do them justice at all. She was the best little buddy in the world and everyone who loved her feels the same. Please send healing energy to Dory's kids. I think they may need it the most as they say goodbye to their pal.

I am sure Peanut's busy right now charming everyone on the next plane. Bye little Peanut! I love you. I wish I could kiss you on top of your head just one more time.


I am One with Ancient Man

I don't know how I missed this one. Maybe because I'm usually a little fuzzy when I wake up. But this morning I went up to the roof just after I got up to have a coffee and a smoke and when I looked at the moon, it was all weird and in a shadow and funny colored.

I thought for a second - what the hell is up with the moon????

Is this The End of the World???? Could the FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE BE FAR BEHIND????????????

I was kinda freaking out.

So I watched it for awhile and started thinking maybe something was wrong with my eyeballs.

But then, I realized I had access to the Internet. So I went downstairs and der right in my in-box was a message from Astrology dot com about the LUNAR ECLIPSE. In fact, I had prior knowledge of it, but since I was half asleep I had forgotten.

No wonder Stonehenge era humanity thought messed up stuff happening in space could portend evil on Earth. The moon did NOT LOOK RIGHT. Too bad for ancient peoples they didn't have the Internet.

Other than that, no cheese. Get it? THE MOON IS MADE OF CHEESE.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I know. Geek.

xoxoxo kisses and hugs in the moonlight xoxoxo

Monday, August 27, 2007

Amazing Discovery!!

Yesterday I came across Noodle all curled up and snoozing on my bed and came to a startling realization.

She is NOT, in fact, a kitty, as I had previously believed.

She's really a giant Wooly Bear CATerpillar. Weird!! I can't believe I didn't notice this before now. Duh!!
Well, it's Monday and you know what that means. My head hurts. I am over this day already and its not even nine o'clock. Luckily my friend Rosa went out for coffees and got me a double latte. It helped for a bit. But what I really need is a nap.
That or earplugs.
xoxoxo tired, sleepy hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Year of Carlos

Today marks the one year anniversary of my friendship with Mr. Carlos Muffin.

When he joined our happy household, he was a teeny little adorable kitten with a lot of attitude.

Now, he's a fat ass. And kind of a troublemaker. Noodle STILL doesn't know what to make of him. But I don't think our little family could manage without him.

Yesterday he tried to make a break for it. Somehow he snuck out onto my back porch without my knowing about it. About an hour later, I realized he hadn't come out to say hi to Tex like he always does when she comes over. OMG WHERE'S CARLOS????

So I looked all over and finally found him huddling in a little ball under the purple bar I have stashed outside.

Stupid Carlos. GOD!! I was scared for a minute.

Anyways, I overslept this morning and only woke up because something was tickling my foot. It was Mr. C. Muffin! He had wrapped his arms (front legs) around it and was nuzzling my toes with his nose. aw! foot fetisher.

He was NOT happy when I had to remove him. You know. So I could get up and go to work and earn the money to buy his kibble.

So, today we celebrate. I will offer up my foot for his snuggling pleasure again. That's not weird, right?

Yes. It is kind of weird. Oh well.

xoxoxo love, kisses and foot cuddles xoxoxo

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coming of Age

A major milestone has been reached by someone very important to me.

Actually I should say someTHING because - as we all know - cars are NOT capable of emotion or reason. It just seems like they are.

Anyway, guess what. KERPLUMPY turned over fifty thousand miles!! Yay Kerplumpy!

To celebrate, we're going to the carwash. Tomorrow, when I get paid. I think the Plump is tired of wearing a veritable salad consisting of bird poop and unidentifiable fruits and leaves.

Kerplumpy is also showing other signs of age. Someone, not me, wasn't careful with his tender, delicate little front fenders in the company garage and gave him a little dent.

Really, it's okay. It kind of makes him look super tough.

Someone else I know is coming up on a major change. Actually, it is two people I know. One is our lovely LOUD CORRAL and the other is her equally lovely mother. The little one is off to college in just a couple of weeks. I am happy for her.


I can remember this kid when she was a four year old bratty brat. And a nine year old super brat AND a 12 year old Mega brat.

Now, she is simply a beautiful, funny, generous and loving person (having gone through adolescence before most people are old enough to have braces) and is a joy to have around.

MOST of the time. ha ha just kidding.

PISS so I am going to miss her. Even if I don't see her as much as I'd like, I get to hear about all the stuff she does on a daily basis because her mommy is one of my favorite people, besides being a co-worker.

And - oddly - ANOTHER change - also involving a Corral - is affecting my life. Our lovely Jelly has been given much happier hours at work. This is wonderful for her but suck-a-LICIOUS for me. How am I supposed to function without my favorite fellow denizen of the gulag? It's a lonely, sad little daily existence in my cubicle of doom.

I think I need some french fries.

xoxoxo little hugs and small kisses xoxoxo


I almost forgot!!

The long national nightmare is over.

Yes. That's right. Van Halen is touring - with David Lee Roth as the frontman.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy Barry Bonds Day!!

Actually it was yesterday.

Thank God it's over.

Here is a picture that Tex took at the game.

It sums it all up pretty well.

xoxo love and kisses and - yeah xoxo

Friday, August 03, 2007

mmm sandwiches

Guess what?

I heard on the radio today that this is National Sandwich Month.

I LOVE sandwiches. I have many favorite kinds.

I wish someone would bring me a sandwich right now. Since it's National Sandwich Month and all.


I slept through a social engagement I had looked forward to attending last night. good one. gah. I was kind of disappointed.

The cats are fine. Noodle's nubbin is stuffed up. What the HELL? I don't know if she'll ever be snot free. Her nostrils just don't work very well. However, she's still gaining weight so I think the acupuncture and herbs and whatnot are doing her good. Perhaps it would help if I were more consistent with giving her her pills. But she hates them so much. These are giant pills for a teeny weeny kitty. What would be really great would be if she could learn to sneeze properly.

Carlos Muffin, meantime, has a favorite new hangout spot. It is my bathtub. Why is he so weird?

They spent the weekend by themselves because I went over to Peanut's house to take care of her. I don't even think they knew I was gone.

Okay here's what I want. Universe, listen up. I want a super cute old-style apartment, cottage or carriage house in a fun neighborhood with a yard and deck, as well as two bedrooms, a giant bathroom and a spare room so I can be a foster person for homeless bunnies and guinea pigs.

I hope all y'all have a SUPER sandwich month!!

xoxoxo kisses and hugs xxoxoxo