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Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Realm!!

I started this little blog two years ago tomorrow (July 21). The only reason I remember the date is because I mentioned I was still reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in my first entry.

Two years later, nothing's changed. Well. That's not really true. But fundamentally, I remain as geeky as ever. And my geekiness is reaching new heights today, as I look forward to a LONG LAZY lovely weekend with the seventh and final Harry Potter installment!! I have laid in supplies, (pizza, cookies, ice cream, strawberries, etc.) cleared my schedule, and plan to spend the majority of Saturday and Sunday ensconced on my purple couch with my new book! It's coming tomorrow morning.

On top of all that, my best little doggy friend PEANUT is coming over to keep me company! I cannot WAIT.

Today there was an earthquake right before I left for work. It was so loud I thought someone had broken into my house. There was breakage. I hope the kitties aren't playing in shattered glass shards. gah.

I'm kinda worried. But Angela says they'll be okay. She says they're too smart to go near dangerous razor sharp items. hmm. She's MET Carlos. He is NOT Einstein. And as much as I love Noodle, she's pretty dense.

Something pretty nice happened yesterday. When I opened my mailbox, I found a letter in there from my landlord.

That's an event to strike irritation in my heart, for when I lived on Dolores Street, the land-crotch loved to send me poisonous little letters on official stationery, telling me what I'd done wrong.

But, when I opened this envelope, a CHECK for 97 dollars fell out, along with a note saying it had come to my landlord's attention he owed me interest on my deposit.


x0x0x0x love and kisses plus SNORTS x0x0x0x

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Realm of Kitties Update:

Noodle is doing really good. She had her third acupuncture session this week and remained calm, cool and collected the entire time. Even when the doctor poked a needle right into her nubbin!! OW!

Good job Noodle.

Her lungs and sinuses are getting all cleared up. That means she purrs a LOT louder know. She still sounds like a dove with her cooing and snorfling - but her actual purring sounds more like an engine now. A very small engine.

Carlos is doing good too. He likes to play and play until he's exhausted. Then he flops over so you can rub his tummy.

Today something nice happened. Even with all the muck and sludge I work through on a daily basis - the good shines through. That's helpful to remember in these sad and scary times.

Yesterday Anna and I took a long walk with the teacups. They are HUGE now. We walked all over Pacifica then took them to a tennis court so they could run around while we cheesed. It was fun.

Guess what. On Saturday I'm going to a party. I'll let you know how it goes.

love and kisses!! plus coos and purrs xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, July 06, 2007

I want one!!!

If you are wondering what to get me for my birthday - here's what I want more than ANYTHING!!
It is Paro, the robot seal.
He was developed in Japan as a therapy tool for young children who are ill or emotionally damaged and old folks in nursing homes who can't have pets but want something to love.
I think I could use this.
He can blink, move his feet, make little baby seal barking noises, respond to petting, learn his name, show happiness, shyness and surprise and also has a circadian sleep rhythm.
Could there be ANYTHING cuter??
Well besides a real animal, to be sure, but this one doesn't POOP, doesn't eat and doesn't ever die.
And hello. It's a BABY SEAL.
It's kinda expensive, so all y'all better start saving now!!
Thanks in advance! I'll let everyone play with him.
xoxoxo love and little seal pats! xoxoxoxo

Thursday, July 05, 2007

boom. GAH

MAN, I HATE the 4th of July!!

I know, I'm a big party pooper. But I can't help it! Me and my poor little kitties practically went crazy last night - after HUGE, non stop booms rocked our little house for SEVEN HOURS last night.

It didn't end until 1:30 in the morning - so as you can imagine I'm super dooper tired. I haven't seen the cats - they were still huddled under the bed when I dragged myself into work today.

It WAS kind of cool to have firework show level fireworks put on by my pyromaniac neighbors happening in the middle of my street.

For about an hour.

But, seven hours is excessive, no? I think it is. I don't know WHAT I'd do if I lived in a war zone. With the noise AND the danger. I don't think I'd be able to handle it. Also, good thing I don't suffer from P-T-S-D. That would suck.

At least I'm not that guy in Cleveland who got so pissed he went and shot his three illegal-firework-shooting-off neighbors to death when they wouldn't stop.

Is it wrong that I feel a pang of sympathy for his plight?

Yes, it is. Live and let live. It's just one night out of the year. Still - ergh. It's hard to maintain that attitude when it's thud thud - boom boom - crackle crackle - repeated every 15 seconds while you're lying in your bed looking at the clock knowing you have to be up in less than three hours. The Kelly Clarkson music playing at top volume on someone's car stereo didn't help matters either.

And you KNOW those fuckers didn't burn through all their stash - I expect a few more sleepless nights coming up.

Happy Birthday United States of America!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah eh.

No other cheese. Sorry.

Except, yes. It's official. Welcome to the Summer of Gah.

xoxoxo quiet little hugs and kisses xoxoxo