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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Noodle and the Needles.

My little kitty cat Noodle went to the healer yesterday for her second acupuncture session.

Sounds horrible, but once the needles are all in, she is totally chill.

The doctor stuck a red one right in her forehead. She looked like a fuzzy little baby unicatorn.

That's a cross between a cat and a unicorn.
She's feeling great and has gained two and a half ounces. I know it doesn't sound like much but when you weigh just five pounds, every little bit counts.
In other cheese ...
hmm. there is none, really. YES! Carlos M. is doing great. He is large and in charge. He is now a year old (his birthday is June 4) and thinks he is all grownup. But he really isn't. He's as silly as ever. His silliness is just contained in a larger body.
Hopefully soon I will have something to write about besides kitties. Like maybe Duran Duran will call me and invite me to go on tour with them. I can play the triangle or the tambourine. Also, I am ace at ordering sandwiches!! and I can mix drinks too. After all, I have experience as a party bitch.
xoxoxo kisses and parties all the time xoxoxoxo

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday

If there is such a thing.

No. ha ha ha ha ha

Just kidding.

Chubs and Plumps update: Yesterday when I went outside they were sitting on this old Ford Fairlane that's often parked near my place. I walked over to say hi and guess what! they flappedn their little wings and took off!

They've learned to fly! aw ........ Chubs and Plumps ... ready to leave the nest. *sniff*

BOY!! some people here are wearing their crankypants today. I think they're also wearing their smug socks and know it all boxers. In short - gah!! shut UP!!

Here's one thing I hate about this job. When one gets bitched at for being an idiot, everyone KNOWS about it because the bitching is conducted over the intercom. MAN.

No wonder our workplace motto is Try Not To Suck So Much.

xoxoxoxoxo hugs and less sucking xoxoxoxo

Friday, June 22, 2007


NOW I remember WHY I stopped writing entries on this blog.

It's because some sort of glitch either in the blogspot template, my computer at work or in my head has made it impossible for me to contribute what I would like in the style I had become accustomed to. Stupid blogger. And I can't be bothered to mess around trying to figure out what's gone wrong, etc. while I am at WORK.

I mean, I have WORK to do. I do not come to work to slack off.

Oh well. I will soldier on, despite the irritation.

Okay, so no cheese to report. Sorry. I'm still working on a seasonal theme as well. But I have come up with some possibilities:

Summer of Love (already been done)
Summer of Fitness and Frugality (I know, but I have to throw it out there)
Summer of Snoozy Snuggles (yeah yeah)
Summer of Gah (it has promise)

I don't KNOW. I can't rush this.

Here's something really nice. Carlos M.'s morning dove friend is the father of TWO cute, fluffy, chubby baby chicks. They live in the alley between my apartment and the house next door. I see them every day all cuddled up with their mom. They used to hang out in the vent between my oven and the outside, but now, I think the mom is teaching the babies to fly, so they are out on this ledge.

I have named them Chubs and Plumps.

xoxoxoxo kisses and baby dove coos xoxoxoxo

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Summer!!

I have returned! Actually, I didn't really go anywhere. Except Oregon but that was weeks ago.

I don't know WHY I have been failing at my role as a faithful chronicler of cheese.

Sorry about that. I know I've been a total flake. HOWEVER, you didn't think I would miss today, do you? Because we all know what today is.

YES! the first day of Summer! When the world solsticized at 11:06 A-M PDT, I was ready. I had my face all pressed up against the window at the gulag and silently celebrated the turning of the Wheel.

Ah, summer. Always a bittersweet beginning to this season, when even as the sun reaches its zenith, it leaves the sign of Gemini for another year. wah.

I am not sure what my seasonal theme is yet, but I will keep you updated.

xoxoxoxo kisses!! xoxoxoxo