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Friday, July 28, 2006


I have a new profile picture. Check it out!

Yay!! It's FRIDAY! Today I'm going to Grumpy's to meet my cousin Susan for lunch! Then I'm going to go home and crawl into bed. I won't emerge until this evening when its time to get ready to go meet Tex! We are going to a HOUSE PARTY. The invitation promises a keg and d-j dancing in the living room. I can't think of anything better.

This weekend Anna and I are going to go visit a friend of ours who is eight months pregnant with twins! Anna has a fun surprise for her along with funny little Wondertwin tee shirts her own twins have outgrown.

I got nothing. But my love. Hopefully, that's enough.

Also this weekend, I have to give my house a major mid-summer cleaning because I'm expecting a part time houseguest over the next few weeks.

Yes!! Lolita is moving back to SF!!

Everything seems to be coming together now.

love! xoxo kisses!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


These are sad days indeed.

My favorite summer-time television hottie has been kicked off "Rock Star: Supernova"

I had so enjoyed watching young Phil on that stupid show.

Is he not the cutest little rocker you've ever seen?

BUT!! Phil's departure is not the reason for my dismal demeanor.

After the show was over, I talked to Cindy, with whom I lamented over this development.

Then we said good bye, and I wandered around my apartment, feeling bereft, when it hit me.


That is PATHETIC. Somebody slap me. Please. I am usually so level headed and unaffected by this crap.

Ah Phil. You touched me. You made me believe. You and your dumb little pouty face and your mysterious head bobbles. Your trying to be sexy but not Shy Di style faces. Your inability to move like a normal human and your bad judgment when it comes to talking to journalists. It's all good.

Oh well. Bye Phil!! Don't worry. I'll get over it, and I'll always remember the good times.

Now if those Big Brother fools vote Will out the house tonight, I may lose it completely.

KISSESSSESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Friday, July 21, 2006

Neato Stuff

A long time ago I dated a young man who lamented the loss of one of his childhood treasures.

It was a little box labeled "Neato Stuff" that he put his little things (special rocks and other crap little boys pick up, I guess. Arrowheads?) in for safekeeping.

So, since I am a nice and creative type girlfriend, for his birthday I got a tin box and special craft letters and made him a new "Neato Stuff" box. AND I put some Neato Stuff in there that I thought he would like. (No rocks, though)

Guess what! he DID like his new box as well as the stuff inside! Score!!

The moral of the story is always listen carefully when your special friend starts going on and on about when he or she was a little kid. Chances are he or she wants to relive their childhood in some way. If you assist in that endeavor, you will be Very Popular.

Anyway. The reason I bring this up is because I have my own "Neato Stuff" that I like too. Only it wouldn't fit in that little box, which in reality wasn't much bigger than a pack of cigarettes.

Here are some of my current favorite things:

Coconut Flavored Coffee-Mate
Greek Yogurt with Grape Nuts
My New Down Pillow
Cosmo colored Lipliner from Benefit
Frosty Pints of Stella
Rock Star featuring Tommy Lee

Yes, that would be a mighty big box if you had to put a whole T-V show inside.

xoxoxo kisses!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Get a LOAD of this

It's STICKY BUN the CAT's latest photo shoot. Is she not the second cutest cat in the whole world?

I cannot wait to snorgle her.


anyways. No cheese here. Noodle and I had a pretty typical weekend. Except on Saturday night I actually went out on the town. I do that every once in awhile so that I can remind myself that staying home can be a good option. guh. Although I have to admit it was kind of fun.

Yesterday I was at Best Buy when this dude fell over in a dead faint and bonked his head on the floor. He nearly hit my friend Mari on his way down. Luckily he was okay and the ambulance came and everything.

On Saturday, while we were wandering from pub to club, we noticed a little mousie scrabbling around inside the window sill of a ground floor apartment. On the way back, the mouse had made his way to another windowsill in the same house.

I wish mice looked like tiny giraffes.

I wouldn't mind a herd of those.

I was at Best Buy because Mari needed a new remote. She'd thrown hers away. I'm not sure how that happens, but there you are. I treated myself to some little sparkly beads to decorate my cell phone. I think it'll look pretty neato when I'm finished with it.

As you may have concluded, NOTHING IS GOING ON.

I'm going to ride this out until Mercury turns back to its normal path (is it me, or is Mercury retrograde on a constant basis lately?) then I'm going to Make Some Changes.

So stay tuned.

xoxoxo kisses!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm FINE!!

Here's the stupid thing about blogs. When you skip a few days because NOTHING EXCITING EVER HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE, your vast audience of fans (um, okay, my mom and dad) start worrying that Something Is Wrong.

So no. Nothing's wrong. I am in kitty cat limbo, but other than that. Yes. I am A-OK.

Well. I guess it depends on how you define "wrong." But how can being sucked into not one, not two but THREE summertime reality programs be wrong, when it feels so, so right?

Something poignant, yet strangely joyful happened this week. I found out that my cousin and her husband, who are in the final stages of preparing to welcome a baby boy into their lives, are going to name him Raphael.

That's an awesome name. It's my grandpa's name. AND it WAS going to be the name of my child when and if he or she made an appearance in this version of my life.

Now that my cousin is using it, I feel a little melancholy, but, at the same time, extremely happy. I'm glad this boy will have that name. My grandpa was super cool and he needs a namesake. What was I going to do ... have a kid, just so I can name it? NO. It's like the final sign that I didn't even need that I was born to be child free and I'm staying that way for life. Hooray!!!

Moving along ... there is a teacup Persian that needs a home at the Marin Cat Rescue. I am committed to my exotic kitten ... but the teacup weighs just four pounds. I want to meet her. I want a tiny cat to gambol through my rooms. Would it be SO BAD to have two and a half cats?

Noodle, Couscous and Squash Blossom. What a fun group!!

Don't worry, I am not ready to start filling my house with cats. Yet.

xoxoxoxo kisses!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

dooty doo doo

It's one of those days!! One where I don't have to do anything except pet the kitty, snuggle some teacups and hang out with friends!

Yes, your normally always at work on a holiday correspondent has the day off. What a luxury! Thanks Michael!

I do have to go in tomorrow, and I'm prepping for 48 hours of wakefulness, due to the enthusiastic fireworks supporters that inhabit my street. Last year they were STILL lighting off bottlerockets and fountains when I got up on July 5th to make my bleary eyed way to the house of toil.

I've actually managed to get out the house every day so far this weekend.

On Friday, Mari and I rode our bikes downtown for the late night showing of X-MEN the LAST STAND. hah hah hah hah. Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor besides Johnny Depp. Did you know that?

On Saturday I attended a Bounce House birthday party. There was a cotton candy machine there too. Here's some advice. Do NOT eat seven cones of cotton candy, then go into a bounce house. You will feel funny afterwards.

ROCKIN party though. And I got to see the little boys of Norway and Baby D. He didn't eat any poison at this gathering at the House of Danger but a door fell on his head. Not to worry, medical intervention was unnecessary.

On Sunday, I moseyed on over to the House of Flowers and had dinner courtesy of chef Nadia and grillmaster James. NUM.

Today, I'm whiling away the morning until Tea-time at Anna's. Maybe we'll go to Ross! Anna has noticed that her daughter LOVES to shop. That's mighty convenient.

And tonight, I'm bringing this holiday to an end with Tex and that means it COULD last until 4:30 A-M. YES.

We'll see how it goes. It's not like I'm going to get any sleep anyways.

xoxoxoxo love/kisses and HUGS