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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Set a Course for Adventure

I wish they would make a Love Boat movie.

I have some casting ideas:

Captain Stubing: William Shatner

Julie the Cruise Director: Lindsay Lohan

Isaac the Bartender: Snoop Dogg

The Horny Doctor: George Clooney

Gopher: Justin Timberlake (just for kicks) or ? ... help me out here.

The stupid captain's daughter Vicki will have NO role in the film.

Charo: hmmmm ... Britney? OOH! YES!

Would that not be the BIGGEST PARTY EVER? I would totally go see that movie.

Other than that: I got nothing. Sorry.

xoxo shipboard kisses xoxoxo

Monday, November 19, 2007


It was a scary scene in downtown San Francisco last week.

I was driving Kerplumpy around when suddenly! we were hit by a bus who didn't see us sitting in the turn lane to the right. OUCH. I'm okay but the 'Plump got a big dent in his side. He's acting kind of sluggish as a result. He doesn't understand that I must get compensation before he can go to the body shop to be fixed. As you can see by his picture, he's bit nonplussed by the whole ordeal.

It's almost Thanksgiving!! hooray! except I have to work.


Today I am going to go visit Anna. I have a comfort hippo for Lucia who hurt her finger REAL BAD on Friday. She got her first stitches.

Man, last week really sucked for accidents. So far, this week is better.

Anna and I WERE going to take a nice healthy walk on a beautiful trail overlooking the ocean. BUT! it is raining out today so we are going to go to Target instead. Gee what a disappointment. NOT.

My favorite college student is in town for Thanksgiving Break. We have made a date to get sandwiches on Wednesday. woo HOO!!

xoxo nom nom sandwiches and raindrops xoxoxo

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What the HELL?

Would you like to see something REALLY cute?

I don't know WHAT it is. Maybe a hamster? Whatever. I want one. OH MY GOD.

In other stupid pet news, a co-worker of mine has left a book about "dancing with cats" for me to peruse. It is about people who dress up in weird outfits and commune, through movement, with their cats. There are photos and explanations, as well as affirmations and instructions on how to connect with your cat's conciousness.

It is possibly one of the most frightening things I have seen, and I'm not sure whether she's joking. I mean, perhaps she believes this is the sort of thing I do, in private, with Noodle and Carlos Muffin.

Perhaps I need to take my public love for the kitties down a notch. I don't want to give the WRONG impression. I mean, I do not require my cats to do anything other than sit there and look cute. I will pet them if they want but I do not demand affection.

And for god's sake I do not dress us all up like Stevie Nicks, put the Cure on, and dance around with them.

She has to be fucking with me. Right?

xoxo gah xoxoxo

Friday, November 09, 2007

Carlos: So FIERCE

My GOD the CAMERA LOVES him ...

Look at how alive his eyes are! and he's modely, not hoochie. Going through his film, I was really impressed at the variety of poses he struck. He is NOT holding back by any means.

Also, check out the neck.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hooray World

Today I was walking to my house after parking my car when this guy stops me and says "hey, I was cleaning graffiti off some of the signs around here yesterday so I just went ahead and cleaned that paint off your car as well."

He was talking about some paint I got on Kerplumpy when I accidentally scraped him with a telephone pole a few months ago.

Anyway. The Plump is now all fresh and shiny in his formerly painty area!!

Isn't that super cool? Sometimes people are really nice.

I will have to find a good deed to do in order to make sure the buck doesn't stop with me. If you have any suggestions, let me know!!

xoxoxo hugs, kisses and kind, loving gestures xoxoxoxo