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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hoppy Holidays

It's snorgle clapping happy bunny. He says "Yay! Winter!"

Okay, but now I need to choose a seasonal theme. Here are my choices:

1. Winter of Wonder (barf)
2. Winter of Love
3. Winter of Snuggles
4. Winter of ACTION (no)
5. Winter of Where's Waldo

I am leaning toward Snuggles but I am open to suggestions.

It WILL be, in some fashion, a season of fitness. Tex and I will be returning to the gym with a vengeance after the New Year. We slacked off after she got all busy with holiday related projects at her work. I had no such excuse, but was happy to support her in her weeks of need.

I had a very nice little Christmas! Okay I worked, yeah yeah but it wasn't the most horrible thing in the world. The night before I went to a mini party at my upstairs neighbors. NOT the girl who has sex three times a day. The other one. It was super fun! We had yummy snacks and lots of gossip. Then yesterday I went to eat dinner with the Happy Bunnies. Carlos M came as well and was as well behaved as one can expect a cat to be. I was very proud of him. Noodle ended up really missing him though. When we got home she couldn't cuddle up quick enough. Oh Noodle. She acts so blase but she really DOES care.

Last Friday I went to a Solstice Party and Nadia and James'. That was fun too. MY GOD I AM HAVING SUCH A WHIRL!!! after the party we went to V-rab's house. I ended up spending the whole weekend there with three of my favorite peeps.

I hope all y'all are having a lovely holiday week as well.

xoxoxo kisses under the mistletoe! xoxoxoxo

Monday, December 17, 2007

What up, Yo?

Here is what sucks about the holiday season:

It is IMPOSSIBLE to shop.

Yesterday Tex and I boarded the BART train and went downtown. She was shopping for all the people on her list. So was I. Luckily, my list is short. It consists of one person and I am very familiar with this person's likes and dislikes. Yes, it is ME!

But as all y'all know, I am saving up for Valentine's Day.

Anyway, we couldn't get much done because A. It was WAY too crowded in every shop and B. all the merchandise was picked through. gah. I did get one thing though: a new pair of pajama pants with angry pandas on them.

So my Secret Santa came through! Today when I got to work there was a big bag full of wrapped up gifts sitting on my desk with instructions that say I may unwrap one per day. My first gift was a packet of soaps. They are HEART shaped. Yay! Now I am looking at four gifts sitting under my desk, just waiting for me to rip them open. I can't believe my SS thinks I will be able to do this. This person is very trusting. Because they're counting on me, I will try my hardest to refrain from opening anything early. ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

In case you were wondering, Carlos and Noodle are doing really good. Carlos is invited to Christmas dinner at my friend's house. He is excited.

Noodle is excited too because she can't wait to have the mini-house to herself for a few hours. It's a win-win.

xoxoxo kisses! xoxoxo

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Great Minds

Things have been happy! Things have been sad. There are boring things in my life too. First of all. America's Next Top Model. What the HELL? I am not pleased however, i don't really care either. So whatevs.

Also I know what I'm getting for Christmas. It is the LOST season three DVDs. I am a little too excited for my package to arrive from my mom and dad. I hope there is a nice soggy weekend ahead so that I can curl up under my two tone purple satin comforter and watch it. Unfortunately we are having the kind of weather I hate the most right now. It is sunny and cold. YUCK. It is chapping my poor tender lips and making me squint. AND it makes it impossible for me to watch TV at my house during the day because I have a giant round bay window that lets in too much sun.

Last week I attended a super fun birthday party! Actually, come to think of it, it was two weeks ago. Anyway. It was for the TEACUPS!! they are now two years old. They and their big brother got cheese pizza and cooked carrots for dinner. However, the grown-ups got to have barbecue and the BEST EVER SCALLOPED POTATOES! They were so good. I am still thinking about them. Everyone got to eat cake after. Lucia's fave gift was a little polly pocket cell phone. My fave gift for Lucia was this awesome leopard print fur coat she got from her grandparents. Dane got a lot of cars. It was a good party.

I AM playing Secret Santa at work after all. Oh boy. I hope I get someone good. I should say I hope someone good gets me. I don't know if anything could ever top last year. That's when I got fancy cocktail glasses, an awesome food bowl for the kitties and pink flannel pajamas with DUCKS on them. All my favorite things represented right there. Partying, kitties and naps.

Kerplumpy is still recovering from his run in with a bus.

The saddest thing that has happened isn't really SAD except for me. My friend and co-worker Rosa got a new and improved job at another place. So she left. poo. BUT!! the silver lining is there is another nice girl doing her job one day a week. Today, we were chatting and I discovered that her secret fantasy is to have someone invent a mouse sized horse. As you know, I have been waiting for them to come up with a hippo that will fit into a small terrarium.

I think we will get along fine.

That is all the cheese.

xoxoxo kisses! xoxoxo

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pee Wee

I wonder why all the mini animals originate in Britain?

Is it because it is an island?

Okay, so of course we've got mini pigs.

Well now the WORLD'S SMALLEST HAMSTER can be found there as well.

he is so cute.
xoxoxo teeny weeny little hamster kissies xoxoxo